Why Are Smartphones Good for Teens?

Have you gone to a restaurant lately? It seems that every table has a hand full of people who can’t detach themselves from cell phones or tablets.

We live in this uber-connected world, but not in real life. So why on earthy would parents want to buy their teenagers smartphones that give them even more reason to detach?small_8744409918

Just like parents thought almost 20 years ago when computers started entering the homes, kids/teens don’t NEED these things. But is that true?

Maybe for now, but if you consider how computers in the home have grown, and their attachment to education, you can easily see that smartphones and/or tablets won’t be far behind. To start with, today it’s beneficial for teens and kids to have smartphones, but how?

Look up facts? Remember when we had to go to the library for hours a week just to work on a school project?

A smartphone lets our kids have the entire world of knowledge right in the palm of their hands, just about any fact they want to look up is available, in seconds. There’s no reason for them to skimp out on school work because they have entire libraries on their phones.

Stay in touch with YOU. No matter where your child is, they should be able to call you, and you them. That’s one of the major benefits of a smartphone.

Reception with a smartphone is so good that it should work just about anywhere, as long as the battery isn’t dead. There isn’t much of an excuse to miss your call, or at the very least return it immediately.

Safety Sakes- It’s a fact the world has changed a LOT in the past 30-ish years alone. As kids you probably ran down the street to your friend’s house and were pretty safe.


It was a much more interconnected world, where neighbors actually spoke to one another and watched each others’ kids. It isn’t like that anymore, people are so focused on what they are doing they don’t have time to watch out for anyone else.

But with a cell phone your child can call 911 from anywhere, making them a bit more safe in the world.

Where Is My Child?- A major difference between cell phones and smartphones is the ability to track with GPS.

Kidtrack offers this feature, and there are other programs that once installed as apps will allow you to see approximately where your child is in the world based on their phone’s GPS. Are they driving around with friends, going to parties they shouldn’t be at? -Now you can find out.

Digital Footprints- A smartphone allows you as a parent to see more of what your child is doing, who they are talking to, and what they are saying.

While for some that might be a privacy issue, for others it is imperative to understand teenage depression, bad behavior, etc. The KidTrack Mobile program even allows you to target certain words they mention in text conversation.

School Scheduling/ Homework Lists- Most schools provide students with planners that help them keep track of assignments, but nothing like a smartphone. With a smartphone they can take typed and recorded notes, keep track of assignments and schedules, and plan their calendars.

As parents we can either give our children smartphones and teach them how to use them responsibly, or we can continue arguing with them until they can afford to buy them. But, at some point our kids and teens will have smartphones and thankfully there are many benefits that make them a worthy investment.

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