6 Ways to Restrict Children’s Cell Phone Usage

Does your child get too much screen time? Recent studies show that children with more screen time are more likely to be obese and less active. While studies don’t always reveal all of the circumstances of a study, it makes a parent thin.

With my own kids I try to reduce screen time, but in a screen focus world it is difficult, so I’ve done some research to 6 wasy to restrict yoiur child's cell phone usagecome up with guidelines to help my kids stay creative and use their minds in other ways. I hope you find them helpful.

No cell phones during homework. It’s hard enough for a teen to pay attention to their homework and focus on getting the right answers without having constant beeping from friends who want to text.

The constant cell usage will distract them, making it take much longer to get work done, and this is a great opportunity to teach them the difference between work time and play time.

No cell phones during dinner. Americans are great at ignoring each other during what should be a bonding family time.

Take a look around any restaurant; everyone has their phone or tablet out chatting with friends, playing on apps, and ignoring each other.

Dinner used to be an opportunity to discuss your day, share stories and spend time with your families. Let’s take the time to enjoy our kids, they are only living with us for so long, and there is nothing more important than family.

Turn in your phones and tablets at 9pm on school nights. This one is going to drive your teens insane, while being great for them. They’ll hate the idea of not being able to do what they want, but they need to sleep.

During the teenage years sleep is extremely important, and one too many teens are caught making late night phone calls and exchanging texts at 3 am. It’s best for their health and their grades to follow this rule, even if it causes an argument or two.

Password protect downloads for children. Have you seen television shows where a kid puts hundreds of dollars on their parent’s cell phone bill?

When you give a young, or irresponsible, child/teen the password to make purchases and downloads without asking, this is bound to happen.

It’s quite easy to add a password and enter it when they want to buy something, with your permission. Another option is to only allow them to use gift cards for app/phone software purchases, so that their spending can be monitored.

Use your carrier’s text/minute/data limits. It’s annoying that your carrier charges to use these features, but they can save you a lot of money by endorsing limits that are easily passed by teens and children.

Choose how many texts, minutes and data space they can use each month and let them learn how to stay within those limits. There are free apps they can download to help them keep track.

Use software to cut back on their allowed cell phone time. There is software you can use to restrict their phone usage during certain hours.

This works great for keeping them off the phone, but they would be able to tell you are monitoring their phone time, which may be a drawback. If you tell them about it though, you’ll be able to automate when they can use their phones and not have to worry about watching them during these times.

Technology has made life so much easier than it was a mere 20 years ago, but it’s made us less connected and that’s something we want to avoid.

Using some of these restrictions might help you restore family time in your home, while also giving your child/teen time to make real connections, use their minds for play and learning, and helping you avoid the constant power struggle.

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