4 Ways KidTrack™ Helps Keep Your Kids Safe

It’s a little nerve-racking to see the media these days. It seems every where you turn, kids are in danger and for a parent, there seems to be so little you can do.

Outside of arguing with your children day in and day out about their safety, you have to have some trust in them to do the right thing.

Kidtrack™ was developed for parents just like you, the parent who wants to ensure more safety for their child without the daily hassle and confrontation. But what are the features that will make your life easier? Let’s take a closer look:


Geographic perimeters– Particularly useful for teens, this feature allows you to designate a geographical area that your teen or child is not allowed to leave. Based on the GPS features of their phone, if and when they leave the designated area, you’ll receive an immediate alert to notify you of the issue.

With an alert like this you can decide if you want to call your child to question their actions, or wait until they return home. The benefit though, is that you get to address the situation and discuss any safety issues or consequences.


Vocabulary alerts– Almost as soon as children get out of our ear shot it seems their language takes a turn for the worst. They start swearing, using ‘hip’ language, etc.

As a parent we both understand this behavior, and cringe to think what they are saying. The vocabulary alert allows you to select certain words you want to be notified of their use.

Perhaps for an 8 year old (yes they use smartphones) will need more of these alert words, and a teen less, but either way you’ll have an idea what they are texting about.

Text message copies– Some teens text up to hundreds of times a day. What could they possibly be saying with that much texting? This feature allows you to see copies of their texts, both those sent and those received.

This might be a better feature to use if your child texts less though, as reading all of their texts could prove to be time consuming. For heavy texters, it might be a good idea to add some alerts for certain words used, as you won’t have to spend nearly as much time reading their messages.

Website visits– Smartphones have their own web browsers that allow kids to search Google, go to Wikipedia, and basically access anything they want on the internet. Even if you restrict them from certain apps, they may still be able to access those sites from the browser.

This feature gives you access to the same links and websites they’ve visited. You’ll see where they’ve searched for local businesses to call, maps they’ve looked up on Google Maps (the website, not the app) and from this information you’ll have better insight into their activities.

Conclusion: We at Kidtrack™ want to help you keep tabs on your child in a fast paced and crazy world. We know it isn’t easy to stay on top of every single thing they see, do and want to do, but we hope that our features give you a better indication of what your child’s life is like, and this allows you to deepen your connection with them.

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